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Managed AMC Services

AMC support for a wide range of hardware devices & technologies has remained a strong area for Intertec. Our supply chain of spares for various types of assets and a number of certified resources on several technologies have always helped our AMC Support business.

However, with our experience, we believe it would be of significant value for the customer if the critical hardware for which AMC is provisioned, is continuously monitored for any breakdown. If breakdown is detected, an AMC call is logged proactively in Intertec, and support is aligned. Thus, such a service offering will have two components, Pro-Active NOC monitoring and Traditional AMC Support (Reactive Break Fix).

Our service offering is coined as Managed AMC Service and has these business benefits:

  • 24x7x365 monitoring for availability
  • Timely call logging for AMC
  • Higher availability of devices
  • Support for End of Support (EOS) devices
  • Higher User satisfaction as action is initiated before user complaint 

Our Support Capabilities

Certified resources in OEM specific skills

Field Engineers availability across UAE and GCC

24×7 Onsite Support capability
Supply Chain for spares
Own TRC for Component Level repairing

Learn more about how our Managed AMC Services can benefit your organization. Talk to our expert.