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Process Mining

Discover, Monitor & Improve your Business Processes by analyzing available data in current systems


The best way to re-engineer the organizational processes is not based on requirement gathering sessions or stakeholder interviews, but by mining the actual data present in your existing applications (SAP for example).  Process mining can address the most common issues that organizations are facing at present when it comes to Process Re-engineering, where the current state of the process is being analyzed for improvements. 

Our Process mining consultants can help you with a detailed & data-driven reports on how your key processes are performing and what improvements can be further made on it. These re-engineered processes can then be further taken up for automation (if required).

Where can process mining help?

Process mining answers all the below questions and much more..

  1. How is your overall process performing & Which part of the process is repeated?
  2. How often does an activity occur? What is he average throughput time of an activity?
  3. Does your process conform to the defined model? Are there any violations?
  4. Report on Process trends in the current month in comparison with the previous month
  5. What is the root cause for the increase in SLA violations last month? What are its consequences?

Some of the most common use cases for Process mining as suggested by Gartner:

process mining