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Business Process Automation

Aligning Business Strategy Execution with Digital Transformation

Business Process Automation aims at redesigning, optimizing and automating existing manual processes in the organization. Outdated technologies often threaten the organization’s growth on various fronts such as customer experience and faster response that helps companies optimize efficiency and digitally transform themselves.

Business Process Automation leads to challenges such as:

  • Defining process transformation roles across functional stakeholders
  • Integrating disparate legacy systems to support automation for the growing needs of an organization
  • Building intelligence for effective business process management to support exception handling and measure individual, departmental and organization level performance


Partnering with an experienced process automation consultant like Intertec can help you successfully manage these challenges and accelerate the returns on your investment.

Business Process Automation

Return on investment

Reduction in Lost Documentation
95 %
Increase in Efficiency
50 %
Increase in Employee Productivity
65 %
Reduction in Cost
30 %

Get more from our Intelligent Business Process Automation

Unite people & Improve Efficiency

Track actors & response times, automate Standard Operating Procedures,Standard Operating Procedure improve collaboration, and reduce operational redundancies

Regulatory Compliance & Business Risk

Track audit trails, informed approvals and reduced business risk with automation

Customer Focus & Insights

Deeper customer analytics for improved business actions. Develop custom CRM strategy for selling, case management or approvals
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eservices for government

e-Services for Government

Federal, state and local government are tasked with adopting applications that support digital operations. At Intertec, we empower our Government customers with the use of cutting-edge technologies thus simplifying their business-critical operations and delighting citizens.

Streamline citizen engagement, automate repetitive tasks, and promote digital collaboration within and outside the organization through Government e-Services:

  • Moving traditional services to the digital environment
  • End-to-end Citizen Service Platform to enhance citizen satisfaction, staff productivity and compliance with regulatory guidelines
  • Secured transactions through e-service portals
  • Provide multiple channels to customers collaborate towards one stop customer service request fulfillment

Leveraging iBPMS for Smarter Operations

Intelligent Business Process Management (iBPM) software helps address the organizations’ barriers to process, compliance and growth by analyzing and assessing each business process, and optimizing it with the help of ZERO CODE workflow automation. It further allows the automation of repetitive and manual tasks through AI enabled solution such as bots to enhance productivity. Some of the key features include:

  • Business activity monitoring, case management, complex event processing, etc.
  • Zero code integration with the leading enterprise applications
  • Instant workflow changes on the fly
  • Process tracking in real time with native reporting and deep BI
  • Robotic Process Automation and OCR integration
  • API Management
BPM Report
BPM software in UAE

Artificial Intelligence and Analytics

Our AI-driven smart analytics play a vital role in evaluating and identifying various performance indicators within an organization. With the power of data combined together with Intertec’s domain expertise, we help businesses unleash their full potential by focusing on business metrics, KPI reports, etc.
  • Rapid dashboard creation
  • KPI and drill-down capabilities
  • Interactive visual charts
  • Predictive analytics
  • Continuous process improvement
  • Chatbots

Business Process Automation for Your Industry

Learn how business process automation helped our customers

A Free Zone Authority with leading local and international clientele in Abu Dhabi implemented eServices to improve their partner (customer) experience & interaction by providing online services to drive revenue growth and retention. They also wanted to reduce the footfalls in their office and promote digital adaption in-line with UAE’s vision to go paperless.

The customer used to run a manual cash counter operations. PRO & Shipping lines were asked to submit their requests through physical application with relevant documents at cash counters. Due to movement restrictions and other guidelines imposed by Government, it was becoming highly impractical for their customers to physically submit requests.

To address a decentralized and manual paper based invoice processes for entering 800,000+ vendor invoices annually, the client invited Intertec for an automated Accounts Payable solution to be used by their global shared services 150+ staff.

The Outcome of a Successful Business Process Automation

customer engagement software
Happy Customers

Faster response and reduced chances of errors due to automated processes lead to happier customers

productivity with managed services
Increased Productivity

Automated processes eliminate the unwanted manual intervention thus leading to increased productivity

Optimize Cost and Time

Automation leads to utilization of each resource to its optimal level thus optimizing the cost and time

Power of Digital

With process transformation, you are now able to access various performance reports and pinpoint problem areas to overcome process issues

Make Better Business Decisions

Make optimal use of all information using BI and predictive analytics to guarantee well-informed decisions

Improved Quality

Implement and monitor stringent control standards to follow at every stage of your business process thus delivering enhanced quality of services

Know More..

We provide business process automation and business process management solutions in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain and India. BPM software solution will help you automate manual process, achieve higher efficiency, improve productivity, and optimize current processes. Intertec works with some of the most renowned zero code and low code automation vendors for its customers across GCC. Contact us for a free consultation with our technical experts on your BPM software requirement.